Manufacturer Of Gas Controls, Combustion Control Products, Industrial Oil / Gas Burner Systems, Burner Spares, Gas and Oil Filters, Mumbai, India  

Manufacturer Of Gas Controls, Combustion Control Products, Industrial Oil Burner Systems, Gas Burner Systems, Burner Spares, Gas Filters, Oil Filters.


Minicon Thermal Systems was established to meet the growing needs of the rapidly growing  heating and combustion industry in India. Besides offering quality products from world renowned suppliers, there was also a need to create awareness on the safe and correct use of fuels, namely oil and gas.

Imports made by us are from a dozen reputed International companies, each having their own specialized products. The products offered by us cater to a wide spectrum of uses in the heating industry.

A short list of companies and products handled is as below

  Distributors/ Resellers in India for Suntec Industries France, for Oil Burner pumps.

  Siemens : All burner controls.

  Elster GmbH : Gas burner controls, Gas meters & regulators.

  Giuliani Anello Srl : Oil & Gas filters, Slam shut off valves and regulators up to 4.0 bar.


Products handled by our Associate Company, Yash Hitech Systems

  Distributors in India for Danfoss Burner Components, namely Oil nozzles, pumps and Ignition Transformers.

  ECEE, France : Oil and gas burner controls and flame sensors.

  Elet Plast : Connectors for burners.

  COFI Srl, Italy : Ignition transformers and H.T. ignition cables for oil and gas burners.

  Monarch Oil Nozzles : Complete range of oil burner nozzles from U.S.A.

  Ignition electrodes and copper connectors.

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