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Established in Germany in 1945, Dungs is an expert in the field of safety and combustion control technology and an important partner to the burner, heating, air conditioning and process heat industry offering top quality technological products.

  • Ball valves

  • Gas filters up to 16 bar.

  • Pressure switches for air, gas and flue gas for positive pressure, negative pressure and differential pressure.

  • Gas pressure regulators, slam shut off valves and safety blow off valves.

  • Ratio regulators, zero governors and constant pressure regulators.

  • Valve proving systems for combustible gases and hydrogen.

  • Single solenoid valves, fast and slow opening with flow adjustment and solenoid valves for pulse firing.

  • Multibloc valves with pressure regulation with and without ratio regulation.

  • Double solenoid valves and low power consumption eco version valves.

  • Motorised actuators and Linear flow control valves.

  • Burner controllers and flame monitors.

  • Pneumatic operated Single and double Butterfly valves for pressures up to 5.0 bar.

  • Bourdon and Capsule type pressure gauges for gas.

  • Special solenoid valves and pressure switches for Bio gas and Sewage gas with TÜV approval.

  • Special products with ATEX approval.

  • Complete assembled gas trains to customer specifications for various applications including gas engines.

  • Gas meters.



Established in 1984, Suntec  is a world leading supplier of precision made pumps and components for oil burners. Suntec offers an unrivalled range of over 600 pump models to cover domestic, commercial and industrial oil burners from 10 KW to 30,000 KW.

Suntec is a world leader in Pump manufacture for the Burner Industry. Suntec manufactures over 200 varieties of pumps for different applications.

 List of some of the common pumps generally available in stock.

 Low Capacity Pumps :

  • Series AE 67 & 97, AN 47, 67 & 77, AL 65 & 95, AT 45 & 65, A2L 65 & 75.

 Medium Capacity Pumps :

  • Series D 57 & 67, AJ 4 & 6, J6, E4, 6 & 7 in both 1001, 1069 & 1070 versions.

High Capacity Pumps :

  • Series TA & T along with TV regulation valves.

Solenoid  valves and pressure regulators for oil Burners :

  • Series TV pressure regulators and SL series solenoid valves.


The first oil burner nozzles were made by Monarch in the year 1926 when the Burner Industry was still in its infancy.  Since then Monarch has made millions of  nozzles for use by different Burner manufacturers across the world and contributed to better combustion efficiencies.

  • PLP series nozzles starting from 0.4 Gph up to 100 Gph.

  • R series up to 2 Gph.

  • HO nozzles up to 100 Gph.

  • Anti drip valves for oil nozzles.



Located in Denmark, Danfoss is a precision, high quality manufacturer of oil burner nozzles, pumps for oil burners, high voltage ignition transformers, Burner controllers, photo cells etc., for the heating industry.



The company was founded in 1974 for the manufacture of ignition transformers for oil and gas burners. The company uses the latest technology for high voltage equipment with top quality insulation properties. Transformers for intermittent and continuous duty are available for various burner applications.

  •  Two pole transformers, TRE & TRS series up to 33 percent ED.

  • Single pole transformers, P versions up to 33 percent ED.

  •  Two pole and Single pole transformers with 100 percent ED.

  • 4 wire transformers for simultaneous ignition and flame monitoring.

  •  Transformers with 110 Volts, primary supply.

  • High temperature silicone ignition cables up to 180 deg. C in 7 mm and 5 mm diameters.

  • Connecting lugs for cables and protecting sleeves.


Located in France, this company manufactures electronic and electro mechanical burner controls, photocells and  UV cells for flame supervision. The products, formerly known as Petercem is widely used.




Siemens controls used world over for oil and gas burners and flame supervision.

Siemens Burner Controls :

Burner controls and accessories normally stocked by us : -

  • Controllers LOA and LMO for oil burners.

  • Controllers LFL & LGK for oil burners.

  • Controllers LME series for gas burners.

  • Controllers LFL series for oil burners.

  • Controllers LGK series for gas burners.

  • UV detectors and photoresistors.

  • Various versions of Servomotors.


Located in Germany, Elster GmbH is a high quality manufacturer of gas burners, gas meters, components and controls for a wide range of Industrial applications.





Establised in 1962, located in Cento, Italy and member of the Watts Industries group, manufactures oil and gas filters, gas pressure regulators and other components for the heating and sanitation industry.

  • Gas pressure regulators with operating pressures 4 bar and 1 bar.

  • Slam shut off valves with operating pressures 6 bar and 1 bar.

  • Gas filters up to DN 150 with 6 bar operating pressure.

  • Compensators up to DN 100 for use on Gas Trains.

  • Oil filters for light oil up to ½” size.



Located in Italy and specializes in the production of low tension connectors. These connectors offer complete ease of installation and maintenance and are widely used by Burner manufacturers all over the world.

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